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Quick Step flooring or Hardwood?

Quick Step Flooring is a great alternative to Hardwood flooring. From price to the aesthetics, Ideo Flors flooring has created an infographic to help you decide which flooring option is the best for you.

At Ideo Flors, we’re always on the lookout for whatever can benefit our clients and Quick Step is the next big thing in flooring. This amazing system offers you all the positives of a hardwood floor without any of the stress. And a more streamlined installation process is something we can all get behind. Quick Step Flooring is an integrated system of glueless laminate flooring installation that offers you beautiful, high-quality flooring that’s durable and easy to get down. And here are just a few reasons why it could work for you…


Quick Step flooring is considerably cheaper than hardwood flooring. As laminate flooring is a composite of hardwood, it cost far less to buy, and the installation process is far quicker which means you don’t have to pay for labour for as long as you would during a hardwood floor installation. If you’re on a budget and require flooring that fits into your estimated costs with the same level of quality, then you’ll love Quick Step.


As an engineered Quick Step flooring is explicitly made with the purpose of lasting and all the regular wear a floor gets. Therefore you don’t need to worry about any of the incidents commonly associated with hardwood. This durable and solid flooring also requires less time maintaining, sanding down and revarnishing. Quick Step is the reliable flooring solution you’ve been looking for.

Water Resistance

Getting the right floor for your bathroom can be a bit of a pain, especially in a house without the proper ventilation. However several Quick Step Lines are designed to withstand high levels of humidity and moisture. This can help reduce the risk of damp in a house and therefore improve your home maintain a pleasant environment. Also being water resistant, you don’t have to spend money on the upkeep.InstallationInstalling a floor is quite a big project to take on, but unlike any other flooring product, Quick Step is the quickest way to beautiful floors. The click and lock system means your new flooring can be constructed in record time. This is especially useful if you live in a home that has a lot of stairs or is hard to get to for carpenters and workers.


The look of real wood is easily achievable with a product like Quick Step flooring. So if a big part of your flooring decision is what it looks like, then Quick Step is a great choice. Here at Ideo Flors, we love the way that Quick Step looks, and the range of design and colours mean you’re sure to find one that suits your environment. Get that beautiful hardwood look and all the benefits and the price point of laminate flooring. If you’d like to learn more about Quick Step flooring or any of the other flooring options currently available with us ring one of our expert interior designers today for a free consultation on 020 7693 5775. Or if you’d prefer come in and visit us at our Hampstead based showroom to see our high-quality service first hand.


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