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The Pros and Cons of Carpet

At Ideo Flors Flooring Company we believe that every home is unique. Therefore every home requires a unique flooring solution.

If you’ve been wondering whether a carpet is the right move for your space, then don’t worry! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the pros vs the cons for carpet flooring.
Whether or not you think it’s the right fit may depend on a number of different factors and for a more personalised consultation why not ring one of our expert interior designers for a chat?

The beauty of a bespoke carpet is that you can get it is that it’s specially made for your home and your personal style. There’s plenty of colours, patterns and textures for you to pick from and to add a unique aspect to your home. Unlike wooden flooring, carpet fabric is easier to manipulate so you can make the fabric look exactly how you want it too.

Carpet helps trap in the heat of a home more than any other flooring material. This is a massive positive if you live in an open floor plan house that loses a lot of heat during the winter months or if you’re looking to save on your heating bills. Plus living in London, we see more cold months than warm ones, so really a carpet is probably a reliable source throughout the year.

Carpets are considerably cheaper than hardwood flooring, and installation tends to be quicker. So, therefore, you can have the flooring of your dreams almost instantly. For homes looking for a quick refurbishing or a style change then you could benefit from getting carpet. Yes, this even means a bespoke carpet, at Ideo Flors Flooring we have prices that work for you.


It’s probably happened to you before; when you spill something on fabric, it’s highly likely that it is going to leave a stain. Carpets tend to absorb smells and the texture of whatever is dropped on it. Therefore, if you do end up spilling something you’re left with an unsightly stain. This problem is even more of an issue with lighter carpets. Tile and wood flooring tends to be easier to clean. If you have younger children its probably best to opt for a lighter carpet.

We all know that fabric isn’t as durable material like wood and other more expensive flooring options. Therefore a carpet needs to be replaced more often than hardwood. This may be anything from upkeep to a whole carpet replacement depending on how long you’ve had the carpet and any work you’ve done to maintain it.

You don’t tend to find carpets in kitchens and bathrooms, so you do have a bit of a restricted field when it comes to installing carpet in a home. Some people also don’t like having carpet in the foyer of their house; it really depends on personal preference. However, tiles do tend to be more popular in rooms used for cooking or showering.
If you think carpet is the right move for your home, then contact our team today!


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